Israel chides US for criticising reforms Vice President Kamala Harris has spoken out against a planned overhaul of the Israel's judiciary.
Israel chides US for judicial overhaul criticism

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen has accused US Vice President Kamala Harris of not understanding Israel’s plans for judicial reform that she has openly criticised.

Philippine court rejects bail by former senator who opposed drug campaign

MANILA, Philippines (AP) - A Philippine court rejected on Wednesday a request for bail by a former opposition senator and justice secretary who criticized then-President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly crackdown on illegal drugs and instead was accused by his administration of drug dealing and was jailed more than six years ago.

Phone-hacking was on industrial scale

Prince Harry has faced a second day of grilling over his allegations “rock bottom” British tabloids had used unlawful means to target him since he was a child.

Ukraine facing homelessness, disease after dam collapse

Russia and Ukraine are still blaming each other for a dam collapse that has caused thousands to evacuate and left hundreds of thousands without drinking water.

For many Southern Baptists, the only campaign question is which Republican candidate to support

Southern Baptists form a core part of the white evangelical Christian bloc that has reliably and overwhelmingly voted Republican in recent elections, and is expected to again in 2024.

Japan supports Sweden's NATO membership as defense ministers strengthen ties

TOKYO (AP) - Japan’s defense minister expressed his country’s support for Sweden’s NATO membership during talks Wednesday with his Swedish counterpart, as the two sides called for stronger military ties amid shared concern over threats from Russia and China.

What happens to papal power when a pope is unconscious? Nothing

ROME (AP) - Pope Francis’ three-hour surgery Wednesday raised a question about what happens to papal power when a pope is unconscious or otherwise incapacitated and cannot lead the Catholic Church.